Those of us that survived 2021...

Are oh so ready to send our death spawn back to school where they have a better chance to get a diverse, more qualified, sampling of information that later will be refered to as an education.... the good ol' days.... back in the day..... whatever. I digress.

Most of us are ready to stuff our children on a bus tomorrow morning and wave "bye bye", then turn, possibly curtsey, then frolic and skip like a freaking idiot, all the way back home.

The other weirdos- those select few (probably rookie parents) are going to have to give themselves a bit of a pep talk before the first day of school. Hey, I did with my first. I even cried a little. Sigh. After all- my baby.......

BUT, I, as so many others before me, did, get over it rather quickly. Now, on to celebrating being alone in our own homes for the first time since the covid fairy decided to bless us all with the gift of home school.

It was tough. Congrats to those that actually accomplished something educational. I'm just happy over. Teachers, my hat's off to you. I did achieve a new appreciation for educators, this last year. (This is not a job for everyone.) So, if you are with me, on that note, leave a comment below and let us know how your covid year changed your perspective (for better).

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