The school year has begun.....where? I need a vacation!

Yes, the 2020-2021 school year in full swing and much to my dismay, its happening in my living room. Naturally we kicked the year off to a fantastic start by sleeping through the 9:15 zoom meeting. Aw hell, here we go again. If having a 4th grader and a preschooler weren't challenging enough for someone who, lets face it, is not really a kid person, but now I'm responsible for simultaneously teaching the abc's and fractions, in my own distraction laden home, full of everything that is not school related or even school appropriate. I've all but abandoned the small business I had been setting up before this whole Covid thing happened, and now all that's left is bits and pieces- evidence of productivity that used to take place around here. A pile of work boots, dry and cold, a basket of work gloves, all clean and folded together in pairs, and tools, tools, everywhere tools- all pulled out of the truck so we could fit floatie toys in, this summer, and just never got put back. None of this looks quite right. There's a shop stuffed with big, bulky, (expensive) tools... just 75 feet away from me, whose door hasn't seen the light of day on both sides in months. That is waiting, too, for me to get my ass in gear. How can I get my ass in gear if I do not know where the hell I am going? Well, wherever that is, I guess we are going to be late, too. Business owner/operator land? Mommyville? Homeschoolers-r-us? I guess its inevitable I must participate in the later two, and skip the first. I'm one of those people who believes if you do not make time to play, once a day, then life isn't worth all the crap you have to go through, just to check off another day you survived, just doing what someone else expects you to do.. Everyone needs just one short little splirt of joy each day, to look forward to, to feel alive, doing whatever it is that creates a smile, for them. A time they are as close to peace as they are ever going to get. Personally, I've done a fine job of stacking the odds against me, with the choices I've made in life. So, as my responsibilities and obligations grossly outweigh my free time, I must drop a life aspiration or two, just to get that little commercial break in my day, where I am happy, so I don't go bat shit bananas the following day.

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