I know its been a while....

For those of you who thought i died, i did. It was very sad. Send my family money.

For the rest of you, i apologize for being gone for so long. No battle has ever been fought in a timely fashion (according to the losers), and that which i am fighting is no different. However, the show must go on.... so off we go!

This is something from my early adulthood that i wrote for giggles and, having had a stumble across it recently, i thought, why not? English teachers, cover your eyes.... therapists hold your noses. I called it "wacks lost theory"....(foundry humor).....

If only losers used drugs- all of the time - then why do those users, only sometimes, lose their drugs?

Do the drugs, that they always use, sometimes lose their use, because these losers no longer have them?

Or, does someone, who, is only sometimes, a user, always lose their drugs, because after having used them, they retained nothing, to then continue having?

Technically, if a loser has used all of the drugs that he or she, sometimes has, then that individual can no longer be labled as such, according to the previously mentioned criteria, unless, of course, he or she loses something else.

Now, if somebody, who has always used most of the drugs, that he or she had, now has, say, a banana..... and that person puts said item to use, but retains possession of it, after having had used it, this would make that person, holding a used banana, once again, a user, but not a loser -only on that one occasion. Unless, of course, the procedure were repeated, in which case, that individual would qualify as a habitual user. It is also possible to screw up the loser part, as well, if the banana in question, can not be held onto.

Furthermore, the reoccurrence of the above listed behaviors, would possitively correlate with one's eligibility for adverse labeling, regardless of the nature and/or efforts in question.

In closing, having determined that someone is a loser, regardless of frequency, or nature of use, of the variable in question, to be lost- one would be better off sitting on a banana, because drugs are too damn expensive.

After 3 straight hours of Dora the Explorer videos....

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