Smile and nod, sometimes it's the only answer.

Not every problem has a solution, but every situation has  an end.

Here's the deal, life is full of meaning; it's different for everyone.   Much of what we believe is true, and real, depends on the meaning that we assign, to every little thing, that we think and feel. It is sometimes funny, other times, not so much- that we are conditioned, hopefully, as children, as to how to respond to the signals and messages that the world flings, constantly, at us, but seldom do we get any guidance as to how to interpret them.   One would think that would be an important preliminary step, don't you agree?  Perspective is a valuable tool, if one can use it as such. Attitude can make all the difference in the world.  So, if nothing else, enjoy a chuckle or two, as you explore my ever expanding salad bar of stories and 'perspectives' and maybe your translation, of your own life, may become more clear, more acceptable, or appear just the slightest bit brighter. For the rest of you weirdos, who have actually identified your problem(s) and would like one or more of them addressed, in the most timely, discrete way possible- for that Im gonna have to charge ya.  There's a link somewhere around here to facilitate that.  Happy browsing.


Find a Rock?

My children and I hide painted rocks all over the place.  Mostly in the pacific northwest (USA). If you find one, Let us know in the Feedback section, where you found it, any story that may go along with your finding it, and if you plan to keep it, or rehide it.  With each rock comes an invitation to become a member and/or a membership for a friend.


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