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Here's the deal... I am a mother, an artist of all sorts, a small business owner/operator, a hopeless romantic, and a comedian at heart.  Boring boring boring.  I love it that I am boring! It has taken 40 years of insanity and adventure for me to appreciate 'boring', if only for a moment.  So, during this little "commercial break" in chaos, I've chosen to share that which I have acquired over the years: perspective, insight, awareness, and some freaking fantastic stories that should, if nothing more, be good for a chuckle.  Enjoy.


Find a Rock?

My children and I paint rocks and hide them all over the Enumclaw Plateau Area.  If you find one, Let us know in the Feedback section, along with your contact  information and where you found it.  If possible, include a picture and you will be entered into a drawing to be held at the end of the month.


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